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As part of Total’s commitment to better energy, we offer Eco Energy for small and medium-sized businesses who are looking for environmentally friendly options. 

Available for both gas and power and for contracts of 1-5 years, choosing Eco Energy may cost less than you think.

Renewable Power

Renewable power is electricity supplied to customers backed by renewable generation certificates called Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin(REGOs)

These certificates come from various renewable generation sources such as wind, solar and biomass plant.

Renewable Gas

We can supply gas to customers backed by Renewable Gas Guarantee of Origin (RGGO) certificates that mean the gas comes from a renewable source.

Examples of the type of waste used to generate the gas could be agricultural waste such as manure, or household waste such as food scraps, paper or wood.

What does it cost?

We purchase renewable certificates for every customer who chooses Eco Energy. If you’re using 20,000KWh a year, this will only cost you around the same as a restaurant pizza on top of your normal energy bill!