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What we expect from you


The UK business energy market is dominated by energy brokers and Total Gas & Power has spent a lot of time building long-term sustainable relationships with our Sales Partners, providing as much support and guidance as possible to ensure they generate high quality sales for the benefit of our customers and our Partners. As well as taking strong action on any failings identified, Total Gas & Power also has a program of recognition around those brokers that are shown through the monitoring system to be achieving a high level of performance against our high quality and compliance standards.

The package of services we can offer includes:

  • The provision of example process documentation e.g. complaint handling, and training material that you can use as a basis to develop your own internal processes and controls
  • The provision of formal auditing of processes and sales activity which we will then use to help identify any significant risks and general areas for improvement in your compliance activities
  • Ongoing access to the Total Gas & Power Compliance Team as a source of advice and guidance about all aspects of compliance and quality

It is vital that any customers entering into a supply contract with Total Gas & Power do so having been provided all relevant information to enable them to make an informed and fair decision, so that all parties benefit from the compliant sales that result.

Code of Conduct

Any energy broker that works with Total Gas & Power must adhere to our Code of Conduct.


’Accreditation’ is not a guarantee of perfection, but more a reflection that over a given period of time the Broker has been able to maintain an industry leading level of quality and compliance performance. The targets are set at a demanding level, which means a Broker needs to show a real ongoing commitment to compliance excellence to meet them. This accreditation can be used as evidence of compliance and commitment to protecting customers’ interests.

Where a Broker achieves the required standard for the periods of time required then they will achieve the following accreditation levels:

  • Platinum - Maintaining a compliance and quality score of 95% or higher
  • Gold – Maintaining a compliance and quality score between 90% and 94%

Find out more

If you want to find out any more information about this or any other aspect of Total Gas & Power's Sales Compliance Program then please ask your account manager or contact Total Gas & Power at 0333 003 7874 and ask to be passed through to the Total Gas & Power Compliance Team.