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We have a proud history of supplying gas and electricity to the UK’s Public Sector since 1987. Our flexible and transparent ethos towards flexible energy procurement has helped to design and tailor bespoke products suited to meet the specific needs of the Public Sector.

We are currently the sole supplier on six awarded Framework Agreements, four gas and two power, which have been awarded by four Public Buying Organisations (PBOs). Our bespoke Public Sector team manage these contracts directly with the PBOs who contract with a multitude of end user/ individual public sector customers, supplying approximately 60,000 Public Sector sites. The customers include Local Authorities, NHS Trusts, Higher and Further Education establishments, Schools, Emergency Services and Housing Associations

For further information on these on the Framework Agreements we currently supply please contact us using the relevant form and one of our team will make contact with you.

Framework Agreements

We recommend that public sector customers join Framework Agreements run by the recognised PBOs wherever possible as they have the following benefits:

No requirement to tender as these have been through a full OJEU-compliant tendering process, therefore saving you time and money on a compliant tendering exercise. This also removes the risk of legal challenges over non-compliant contractual positions.

Framework Agreements are set in place by contracting authorities who are Public Sector organisations themselves.

Not-for-profit commission structures from all PBOs, meaning no hidden fees.

Total Gas & Power run bespoke and dedicated Customer Service and Contract Management teams for each PBO.

Terms & Conditions are set in place prior to a framework agreement being awarded, providing a high degree of legal security.

Buyer power is created through aggregating supply volume, thus allowing for significant volumes to be traded on the wholesale market.

PBOs have specialist full-time dedicated energy trading teams, which are supported by a full suite of Market Intelligence tools to optimise their energy buying position.

Framework Agreements allow access to additional goods and services, e.g. Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) services or Green Energy (gas and power).

PBO risk strategies/products have been designed to suit the needs of their customers. These are usually reviewed by their Governance members to ensure that they provide full governance in respect of risk strategy.

PBOs operate KPIs as part of the contract, ensuring supplier performance is monitored from the award stage of the contract.

You can join at any point with no need for prior registration to the PBO tendering exercise.

Meet the Public Sector team

Kevin Matthews

Head of Public Sector

Kevin successfully bids and manages our Public Sector framework agreements. He spent 20 years as an energy professional for Public Sector in addition to 12 years in energy management and procurement.

Suneet Sofat

Senior Sales Relationship Manager

Suneet has spent 5 years in the energy profession and is proud of the combination of management, technical and sales skills he has acquired along the way.

Sally-ann Beaver

National Account Manager

With more than 20 years’ experience in the energy industry and 10 years within the Public Sector, Sally-ann has the depth of understanding, knowledge and skills to provide all round support to her customers.

Public Sector - Vicki Haridimou
Vicki Haridimou

Senior Sales Relationship Manager

Joining us 9 years ago, Vicki has worked in various sales support and account management roles. Her excellent technical knowledge is invaluable as she is responsible for parts of the sales cycle and commercial protection of Public Sector customers.

Tom Richardson

Framework Manager - UK Gov

Tom joined the Public Sector team at TGP in 2016 and has been the main sales account manager for all of our large public sector contracts. In his current role, Tom and his small team have overall accountability for the CCS contract, as such they are aligned and have strong working relationships with the Customer Service department and all other internal departme...

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