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If you are moving out of or into a property supplied by Total Gas & Power, then the Moving Premises Team is here to help. To ensure the transition is as smooth as possible, it is important that you provide detailed and accurate information.

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If you are struggling with the form or file upload, please call our team on 0333 003 7874 option 3, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm

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Moving Premises FAQ

Our timescales depend entirely on how quickly we receive the information that we need. This can extend up to eight weeks.

Some information is vital to the move. We need to know who is moving into the premises and who is moving out. Passing on any additional details about who is to be responsible for the energy supply will really help us in completing the request quickly. The list below details documents that will speed the process along.

  • A lease agreement dated and signed by both parties
  • A solicitors letter signed and dated
  • A signed and dated letter from the landlord

Once the moving process has been completed, the customer leaving the premises will receive a bill up to the date of the change. The customer taking over the supply will receive a bill from the date of the change onwards billed at our published deemed rates.

We may be able to apply agreed contract prices to the date that you took over the premises, subject to a credit check. To discuss this with our team, please call this number: 0113 232 1561
Alternatively, if you are using a broker you can discuss it with them and they will contact us.

Once the moving premises process has been verified with both parties and confirmed internally we will be able to issue the final invoice to the customer leaving the premises.

For Direct Debit or VAT, click here to visit our New Starters page where you can find information and download the forms. The completed forms can also be submitted there.

For information about CCL, click here to see more information. Download the form in our Quick Links menu.

The information included in this form will be used to carry out the legal change of occupancy at the site, and will aid Total Gas & Power in ensuring the change is completed successfully and in a timely manner. For further information about how we safeguard and process customer data, please follow this link: