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Ørsted UK - Customer FAQs

Who is Total Gas & Power?

Total Gas & Power, established 1987, is part of Total Group, a major energy operator.  We are business energy experts rated as "Great" on Trustpilot through independent reviews.  We supply all types of businesses, from single sites to large industrial and commercial and multisites, including in the public sector.  We also offer renewable energy and electric vehicle charging.  Our aim is to become the UK's most trusted energy supplier.  We work hard to achieve this through delivering a great customer experience, offering industry leading products and services whilst being guided by the Total values of Safety, Respect for Each Other, having a Pioneer Spirit, Standing Together and having a Performance-Minded attitude.

Why isn’t Ørsted going to be my supplier anymore?

As a result of Ørsted taking the decision to reduce their participation in the downstream energy markets including supplying gas & power to UK businesses, Total Gas & Power is in the process of acquiring the majority of Ørsted's customer UK portfolio.  This includes natural gas and electricity customers of which 97% are on green certificate backed products on the power side.

Is Total Gas & Power going to give me the same contract, product & price?

Total Gas & Power is well placed to offer you a continuation of the great service you receive from Ørsted. We have agreed to make the transfer process as straight-forward as possible with no need for any intervention from yourself. 
Rest assured that your contract will remain in force until the renewal date and all terms and conditions, including the energy product and the price you are paying will remain the same.  All renewable contracts will also be honoured.  Total’s aim is to develop a portfolio of low-carbon electricity businesses with the goal of generating 15% to 20% of our sales from low-carbon electricity by 2040. 
At the time of transfer, which will take place once clearance has been obtained from the competition authorities, we will contact you in order to set up a new direct debit.  Here at Total Gas & Power, we've been supplying UK businesses with energy since 1987 and we're currently rated as "Great" on Trustpilot, so you're in safe hands!

Do I need to do anything?

A.  Should Ørsted need your consent for the transfer to take place, they’ll be in touch with you shortly.  Otherwise, you don’t need to do anything.  We will work closely with Ørsted to set up your new account accurately.  You will enjoy the same product with the same contract and terms and conditions including your price.
Here at Total Gas & Power, we are business energy experts. We've been supplying energy to UK businesses like yours for over 30 years.

How will you know the details of my account with Ørsted?

Once the acquisition has been cleared by the competition authorities, Ørsted will give Total Gas & Power your details to allow us to set up your account accurately and enable a seamless transfer when the time comes.  This includes all of your meter, billing and contact details.  After the transfer has taken place, we will contact you to set up a new direct debit with us.  You will then only need to contact Ørsted if you have an outstanding query with them, or an outstanding debit or credit on your account.  All other matters will be handled by Total Gas & Power.  Ørsted will contact you in the coming days and weeks to advise you of the timescales and assist you with any questions you have.  Due to competition law, we are unable to discuss your account with you until the transfer has taken place.

What will happen to my direct debit?

We will contact you within days of the transfer to set up a new direct debit with you.

Who do I contact now if I have a question about my energy account?

Until the transfer takes place, which will take some months, please contact Ørsted.

I have a credit on my account, how do I access it?

Any enquiries that you have prior to the transfer date should be directed to Ørsted, including if you have a credit on your account.

I have outstanding debt on my account, who should I pay?

If you have outstanding debt with Ørsted, you will need to contact them to discuss it.

Who should I send my meter readings to from now on and how?

Until the transfer takes place, which will take some months, please contact Ørsted.

I'm in the process of switching suppliers. What will happen now?

If you have already commenced the transfer process and have served the relevant notice to Ørsted, your transfer should take place as planned.  However, please do discuss this directly with Ørsted.

Can I transfer to another energy supplier?

We sincerely hope that you're having a great experience with Ørsted and we want this to continue when you transfer to us. We will honour your contract in full from the time of transfer to the contract end date.  If you have any questions about transferring supplier, please discuss them with Ørsted.

When will my account switch over to Total Gas & Power?

We believe the transfer will take place early 2021.  You will be notified of the date in due course.

I'm in the process of moving premises, who should I contact?

Please discuss this with Ørsted.

I'm having my supply disconnected, who should I inform?

Please discuss this with Ørsted.

Is there any risk to my security of supply?

No.  Your supply remains safe with Ørsted and this will continue when you transfer to Total Gas & Power without any supply interruption.

I use a broker.  Will they be told about the change of account?

Yes, Ørsted will advise your energy broker of the transfer details.