The energy product for medium-sized businesses that provides the best of both worlds – a lower price if the market rate falls and protection against market rate rises.

We are passionate about supporting businesses. MarketGuard allows you to reinvest any savings made from drops in the market rate back into your business - whilst giving you peace of mind against any unexpected increases.

How does it work?

  • At the beginning of MarketGuard you agree to a fixed price with one of our energy experts.
  • Your price will not be increased during that year.
  • At the end of each year, we review your agreed price against actual market rates and advise you of the outcome. You’ll pay less if market rates fall – and will never pay more if they increase.
  • We'll send you supporting information each year to help you understand why your price has either been reduced or remained the same.

Peace of mind against any unexpected price increases

Reinvest potential savings elsewhere in your business

Yearly review of your price against market rates