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The second Balancing Services Charges Task Force is to be paused for 3 months

The BSUOS task force is reviewing how Electricity System balancing services are paid for, specifically who should pay (supplier or generator) and how the charges are recovered.  Currently charges are split 50/50 between generation and supply but there is the possibility that the Task Force will recommend that 100% should be levied upon suppliers.

National Grid ESO and Ofgem have been discussing how best to progress industry work during this period, where Covid-19 is impacting industry resource. The Task Force had also raised industry resource during this period as a potential issue for interested parties to review the report and respond to the consultation. 

A consultation on the way forward was due to be released recently but it has now been announced that the Task Force will be paused for 3 months, to resume in July 2020. Under this timeline, the final report would be submitted in September 2020, rather than June. This announcement makes the implementation date of April 2021 even more difficult to achieve therefore a delay to this date is very likely.