Central Gas Industry IT System replacement “Project Nexus” has gone live

What is Project Nexus?

Xoserve is the Gas Networks’ central service provider and its IT system (“UK Link”) interfaces with Shipper/Supplier IT systems using industry data flows. Xoserve therefore plays a critical function within the gas industry, supporting change of supply processes, meter reading, meter asset information, transportation invoicing, energy balancing and settlement, gas allocations, nominations, and demand forecasting and estimation.

The UK Link IT system has been replaced with upgraded technology. This has been a huge programme of change for the industry because at the same time as the technology has been updated, new read processes and a new settlement regime has been introduced across the industry to maximise the benefit from more granular consumption data provided by advanced and smart metering. This programme impacts all energy suppliers who have needed to make changes to their systems and processes to align them with the new central IT system.

Implementation date gone live

Project Nexus was implemented across the industry on 1st June 2017. We are now in a period of transition with new processes and IT systems stabilising. Ofgem is still overseeing the programme with consultancy from PwC.

Total Gas & Power will continue to cooperate and engage with the industry in order ensure the benefits from Project Nexus implementation are realised.