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Standard Variable Tariff

Total Gas & Power's Standard Variable Tariff rates are displayed below.  This tariff gives you the flexibility to leave by providing a 30 day notice period.  At Total Gas and Power, any customers on this tariff will be advised of any rate changes with a 30 days’ notice period. An uplift will be applied for any non-DD customers.

Gas Standard Variable Tariff rates

Gas Standard Variable Tariff is 5 pence/kWh plus a daily charge rate of £1.15

Electricity Standard Variable Tariff rates

NHH Rates :

All power sites have a daily charge of 30 pence per day.  The unit rates are detailed below by area. 

MPAN Area Day p/kWh Night p/kWh Single p/kWh
10 Eastern EELC 19.08 15.18 17.60
11 East Midlands EMID 19.27 15.31 17.77
17 Scottish Hydro HYDE 20.73 16.15 19.00
12 London LOND 19.80 15.81 18.28
13 Merseyside and North West MANW 22.77 17.59 20.80
14 Midlands MIDE 19.95 15.74 18.35
15 Northern NEEB 20.34 15.98 18.68
16 North Western NORW 20.09 15.83 18.47
19 South East SEEB 19.30 15.37 17.81
20 Southern SOUT 19.30 15.29 17.78
18 Scottish Power SPOW 19.92 15.71 18.32
21 South Wales SWAE 20.17 15.84 18.52
22 South Western SWEB 19.95 15.68 18.33
23 Yorkshire YELG 20.20 15.90 18.57