Automated Meter Reading (AMR)

Automated meter reading (AMR) is a term used to describe gas and electricity meters which have a capability to measure and store energy consumption data for multiple time periods, and provide remote access to such data by an energy supplier. To date, we’ve installed more than 70,000 AMR meters at industrial, commercial and public sector premises across the UK. So rest assured, you’re in safe hands.

Premium AMR Services

You’ll be able to access ‘time of use’ consumption information from the AMR meter via software that allows you to actively manage and reduce energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions by identifying unnecessary usage. Please note, this service is subject to additional charges.

AMR Meter Installation

Our AMR meters are expertly installed by our carefully selected meter operator partners. Our customer-focused approach ensures that meter installations are completed with minimal disruption and that our service delivers an immediate benefit to your organisation by eliminating estimated bills, meaning you only pay for what you use. Replacement of your meter will typically take between 1-4 hours, with off-supply times varying depending on the type of meter. Any off-supply time will be planned to have as little operational impact as possible.

AMR Off-Supply times

Electricity: typically 15 to 20 minutes
Gas: typically 1 to 4 hours for gas meters, with larger supplies being subject to a pre-installation survey

overall Benefits 


Accurate invoices: only pay for what you use


Time saving: less disruption caused by manual meter readings 


Budget certainty: plan ahead with budgeting based on accurate data and procurement

Energy management: interval consumption data from the AMR meter enables organisations to detect and eliminate energy wastage and identify energy saving opportunities.