What is AMR - and what are the benefits?

Automated Meter Reading (AMR) & SMART meters accurately measure your energy use and send readings directly to your supplier. This ensures accurate invoicing and helps you take control of your energy management.


It’s easier to forecast usage and budget ahead – wave goodbye to estimated bills


Accurate reads – your new meter will be read remotely each month 


Less administration – no need to validate invoices, so you can get on with running your business

The AMR meter exchange work is completed at no additional cost

Why do I Need it?

Government legislation requires energy suppliers to install AMR or smart meters in every UK business before the end of 2020.

How can I upgrade my gas or electricity meter?

We’ll need your MPAN (electricity meter point administration number) / MPRN (gas meter point reference number), account number, site contact name, phone number and email address. Once you have collated this information, please complete the form on this page.

Important Information

  • AMR will be installed with a meter exchange, and as this means your supply will be interrupted our agent will make sure a suitable time is agreed with you before any work is carried out.
  • When the works have been completed, our agent sends flows to update industry databases and Total Gas & Power’s internal systems. We also review progress on a weekly basis, which means the first AMR read is usually available for invoicing within one month of completing the works.
  • Should you decide to leave our supply, industry flows will confirm to your new supplier that you already have an AMR or a SMART meter.
  • An enhanced AMR service is available - our Platinum AMR service provides daily meter readings.
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What is an AMR and how do I know if I have one?

AMR stands for Automated Meter Reader, which is a device that transmits the meter reading directly to us. You can find out more about AMR here.

Will there be any disruption when the AMR or SMART meter is installed?

Yes. The interruption to your supply is around 20 minutes for electricity meters and from 30 minutes to 4 hours for gas meters (dependent on meter size). Our agents will always agree a suitable time for these works to minimise disruption at site.

Is an enhanced AMR service available?

Yes. Working with our metering partners, we can provide daily meter reads and half hourly consumption data via online applications or automated reports. This helps you to detect and eliminate energy wastage, benchmark the performance of your sites, identify energy saving opportunities, and evaluate and report on the success of your energy and carbon reduction initiatives.

For further information contact the Data Team on gp.redhill.smartermetering@totalgp.com / 01737 275761

Who are Total Gas & Power’s (TGP) MOPs or AMR Providers?

Our two agents are SMS and Energy Assets (EAL) and both work closely with TGP and our customers to deliver the highest level of service, running through detailed check lists before booking appointments, and calling prior to the agreed date to confirm access will still be granted. They will also respond to any site-specific instructions or questions you may have.

There is no mobile signal near my electricity meter – will AMR work?

Very little signal strength is needed to transmit a text message and the AMR device contains a roaming SIM, allowing the installer to obtain the strongest signal possible.

Where difficulty is encountered, a fixed phone line can be installed (electricity meters only). This is a cost for which you are responsible, and there may also be an additional charge for the subsequent site visit. For gas meters, the solutions include extended cabling and logger repositioning.

Should any additional work be required, you will be quoted in advance and no chargeable work will proceed without agreement from you.

Is AMR safe?

Yes. The AMR meter is ATEX and zone zero approved. Further details can be provided upon request.

Will I own the AMR or SMART meter?

No. They remain the property of the MOP or AMR provider.

When will I be billed to the first AMR read?

When the meter exchange and AMR installation has been completed, our agent will send flows to update industry databases and TGP internal systems. The AMR team review the updates on a weekly basis to ensure the flows have been correctly received and if not, manually process them.

The first AMR read is usually available for invoicing within three to six weeks of the completed work.

What if the AMR meter is faulty or stops working?

In the event of an equipment fault, we will send an engineer to site to investigate and resolve the issue, and at no additional cost.

What if I move out or change energy supplier?

The AMR or SMART meter is not owned by TGP and will remain at site regardless of whether we supply your gas or electricity. There is no financial penalty should you decide to leave our supply and industry flows will confirm to your new supplier that you already have an AMR or a SMART meter.

I already have an AMR meter – what do I have to do?

TGP will appoint the relevant AMR agents without the need for any site disruption (note for gas this only applies where the existing AMR Provider is EAL or SMS).

Is my AMR data secure?

AMR data is sent to TGP via industry flows and processes and held securely by TGP along with other billing data. We are committed to protecting your privacy and any personal data is held in compliance with GDPR requirements. For further details please see www.gas-power.total.co.uk/customer-data

Is AMR the same as a smart meter?

No. A smart meter is the next generation of metering, but exchanges are limited to U6 gas meters or electricity meters within profile classes 1 - 4.

Smart meters provide many of the same benefits as AMR including remote and automatic meter reads, accurate invoicing and consumption data. They connect to a central data communications hub using highly encrypted technology, which allows a range of functions including allowing you to switch seamlessly between suppliers without losing any of the smart metering functionality.

TGP will commence the deployment of smart meters in 2019.