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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Total, we understand that being one of the world's largest energy suppliers brings with it enormous environmental, social and cultural responsibilities. We take our obligations very seriously, and we invest considerable time, energy and resources implementing action plans and assessing our performance so that we continuously improve. Industrial safety, supporting local development, securing the future of energy, environmental stewardship, and combatting climate change are all critical challenges that Total is committed to meeting.

Total Gas & Power is committed to playing an active role in both the immediate local areas in which it is based, and in the wider world. In the UK, Total Gas & Power is involved in a wide variety of community projects focussed mainly on young people, the environment, and the arts.



Charity Partnership Hindleap Warren

During 2018, Total Gas & Power formed a partnership with Hindleap Warren Outdoor Learning Centre, and over the course of the year have worked together on many special projects. Hindleap nestles in 300 acres of SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) forest at Wych Cross and provides adventure and outdoor learning to over 10,000 children and young people each year. Hindleap’s young visitors come from schools, SEN schools and youth clubs all over Surrey, Sussex, Kent and London.

Total Gas & Power supported the complete refurbishment of a disability bathroom with a significant donation in early 2018. They then engaged 45 employees in an ambitious project to plan and build a ropes activity course during the summer. The course is designed to stretch and challenge older teenagers visiting from youth clubs and 16 year olds visiting as part of the Government’s National Citizen Service.

Feedback from young people has been superb and Hindleap staff are thrilled with the lasting legacy Total has gifted.

Total Gas & Power chose to hold its annual staff conference in Hindleap’s grounds in September, allowing over 400 employees the opportunity to see the great work they have supported over the year. At this event, employees were encouraged to vote for a further project to work on and chose to refurbish the centre’s Environmental Studies classroom, which will be used by children all year round.


Making a positive difference

We created a short video of the final project which includes the building of a ropes activity course and the refurbishment of the centre’s Environmental Studies classroom.

Total Gas & Power formed a partnership with Hindleap Warren Outdoor Learning Centre


Total Gas & Power formed a partnership with Hindleap Warren Outdoor Learning Centre. This is the finished course


Better Energy School Awards

Over the last 10 years, Total has worked in collaboration with the charity Young People's Trust for the Environment (YPTE) to promote environmental learning in schools through the Better Energy School Awards, and the program has seen outstanding environmental projects from over 23,000 young people.

This exciting awards scheme assists and encourages the education for young people aged 5-11, enabling children to be proactive in learning about the natural environment and the need for sustainability, including fossil fuels and alternative technologies.  The scheme runs from the start of the academic year until May, with the spectacular awards ceremony taking place in June at London Zoo, which is attended by dignitaries and celebrities.

The relationship between Total, YPTE and the schools they work with has become a true partnership, and as the cross-curricular work is with the National Curriculum for England and Wales and the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence it also facilitates brilliant teachers who are using their time and initiative to get involved.


Total Gas & Power has itself introduced a Cycle to Work scheme where staff receive financial assistance toward the purchase of cycles and cycling equipment. The Redhill business is actively involved in the East Area of Surrey Initiatives for Travel (Easit) Forum, a group of local businesses that promote ways to reduce traffic congestion. Measures include a 20% discount on local rail and bus route season tickets.