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Large Business Products

If your business uses more than 10 GWh of gas or electricity per annum (which equates to a spend on energy of approximately £1m), we have a range of products available designed to suit your needs.


Fixed Price

Our fixed products mean you know the unit price of your energy for the duration of the contract. What’s more, you can set the length of the contract from a few months to five years. You’ll be able to budget more easily and know that you are protected should the wholesale energy costs increase. 



If you want to combine the advantages of budget certainty with having the flexibility to take advantage of market movements, our Fixed-Flexi electricity product is for you.

Fixed-Flexi allows fully flexible trading within a structured purchase framework. This product allows you to purchase energy ahead of time and lock the electricity price for the entire contract, single years, or individual months independently. Fixed-Flexi can be tailored to meet the mix of purchase flexibility and cost certainty that works for you and your business based on structured purchase options.

It also gives you some control over the non commodity costs, providing a fixed price at the start of each year of the contract term for these often volatile charges.

Whether you are expressing an interest in energy purchasing for the first time, or have years of experience, Fixed-Flexi is a unique solution which lets you decide how closely you want to work with the electricity market – while avoiding much of the exposure that full accountability would entail.



Our Baseload product offers the best of both worlds. It allows you to trade flexibly but simultaneously has some added protection from market fluctuations and energy you didn’t consume but intended to.

“Baseload” is the nominated amount of energy that you will need to buy in anticipation of a given month. You are free to buy all, or part of your baseload as and when you choose – based on your strategy for the energy market.

If you haven’t bought all of your Baseload energy prior to the month of consumption, our Procurement Team will purchase the rest based on an agreed purchase mechanism.

Similarly, if your energy consumption exceeds the Baseload, our Procurement Team will purchase the additional energy needed on your behalf at the agreed market rate for that day.

If you don't end up needing your entire Baseload, we will protect you by guaranteeing the price you paid for it. 

If you want to make purchase decisions, but also want contractual fail-safes that manage purchases when you are not able to, then Baseload is the product for you.



Our Fully-Traded products provide the greatest level of access to the market. You are free to buy and sell energy for any period and any amount.

Fully-Traded allows you to purchase to the most granular level – buying for months at a time to individual half-hourly periods. This allows you to accurately buy the volume you want at a price that fits your budget.

We will provide you with access to live market prices and insight to make the right purchases and when you're ready to purchase you can use our Energy Management Platform to make your trades online

Fully-Traded works best with businesses who already have a good understanding of their own energy needs and are able to forecast their demand accurately. If you are willing to engage with the market and make decisions, the complete freedom that Fully-Traded provides will help you put your energy strategies into action.

If you own sources of energy generation, renewable investments, or are able to manage your energy loads tactically then Fully-Traded will be the best way to reach your full potential and take advantage of opportunities when they arise.

Automatic Meter Reading

Our gas and electricity Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) services will help you manage your energy efficiently.

Interested in our Products for large businesses?

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