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Submit a meter reading

If you prefer to submit your meter reading by telephone please call 0333 003 7874 (available during business hours, Monday to Friday). 

Meter reads can be submitted at any time, but for accurate billing please submit electricity readings between the 20th and 28th of each month and gas readings from 25th to the last day of each month.

Please have your account number and MPR to hand. These can be found on your invoice/bill.
click here for help)

Please have your account number, postcode and MPAN to hand. These can be found on your invoice/bill.
click here for help)

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Wave goodbye to manual meter reads!

Upgrading to a smart or AMR meter can help you take control of your business energy. This new generation of meters offer many benefits, including automated meter reads and an end to estimated bills.

Find out more and request your upgrade